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Beginning with undergraduate and ending with fellowship,
Atlas Admissions is your ultimate partner in becoming a physician.
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Your Journey to Medical School

Atlas Admissions delivers expert medical school advising, application editing, and tutoring services for future physicians and scientists.
You are not alone

Applying to medical school can seem like an impossible and daunting task. Atlas admissions will develop a successful map using your strengths and weaknesses to help guide you on your path to admissions -from start to finish.

Don’t let our credentials intimidate you.

We have helped students who are preparing for freshman year and those who have completed a post baccalaureate and are looking to change the narrative. Every student has their own story and we tailor our program in a way that best fits your needs.
Our team of expert physician-consultants are determined to guide you on your journey of becoming a physician, no matter your background.

The Atlas Difference

Test Prep

 Personalized tutoring for the
MCAT exam, USMLE, and CASPer

Application Development

Develop a strategic approach
to a successful medical school
application season

Personal Branding

Let us help you tell your story,
who you are, and what you want
to achieve through the personal
statement and secondary

Interview Preparation

Once your foot is in the door,
we’ll make sure that you can tackle
the most challenging
interview questions.

Master Before
You Teach

Where there is experience gained, information can be obtained.

Our highly customized medical school admissions program is designed to help you highlight your strengths and distinguish you among the pool of applicants. We believe that you must master the study before you teach. Our advisors are not only highly specialized in clinical medicine and research but have also mastered the art of admissions. We understand the unique challenges of the medical school admissions process and continue to work independently with clients who are seeking admissions into healthcare alone.

You are our priority.

Physician-to-Applicant Team
High Yield Results

Choosing the right admissions consulting firm is an investment in your future. Many students interested in medical school have tried to gather information on their own or base their application mapping process off advice from a friend or generic advisor. We developed Atlas Admissions to eliminate the uncertainty of inexperience regarding medical school. It is our goal to support you intellectually and emotionally throughout a complex and stressful process.

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Full Package Clients

New Students Admitted
into Ivy League Medical Schools

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