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Atlas Admissions delivers expert advising, application editing, and tutoring services for future physicians and scientists.
You are not alone

Getting into medical school is competitive...60% of medical school applicants do not get admitted to a single allopathic medical school each year. Just take a moment to think about that-your journey can be over before it even started. That's why we're here to help.

Atlas Admissions will provide you with the guidance you need, supporting you every step of the way. Our team of expert physician-consultants provides services that will maximize your admissions potential at any stage. We pride ourselves on helping students and physicians at every step of their journey to realize their maximum potential. Whether you need help with medical school or residency advising services or MCAT/USMLE preparation, we're here for you.

The Atlas Difference

Physician Led,

You will only work with top doctors who have not only excelled personally, but can help you execute your plans professionally. We exclusively hire top physicians with a demonstrated history of admissions excellence through years of admissions committee experience and work in the medical school admissions consulting field. You will get access to a network of expert advisors who will be able to provide you with a broad strategic overview while keeping you laser focused on the details.

Medicine and Healthcare

You're seeking for a highly customized solution to help you highlight your strengths and stand out from the massive should demand highly focused, specialized services to solve your problem. Just like you wouldn't have a heart surgeon operate on your brain, you shouldn't settle for general advising from
At Atlas Admissions, we understand the unique challenges and unmatched competitiveness of the applicant pool in medical school and other healthcare fields-we only work with clients who seek admission in those fields, and that's a core aspect of our success.


Choosing the right admissions consulting firm is an investment in your future. Atlas Admissions is focused on outcomes and value added. We carefully match clients with advisors to deliver the highest standard of precise and detailed care, optimizing your admissions outcome. Furthermore, your results are tied to incentive structures within our company that make sure we are working tirelessly to provide compassion and expertise as we support you intellectually and emotionally throughout a complex and stressful process. Our systematic, customizable approach to admissions is here and waiting for you to join us.

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