Tactical Approach

We develop highly calculated plans based on your needs. We will provide you w ith a detailed map to help you reach your goals. Our highly specialized admissions consultants will review and assess where you stand in the application process and will advise you on your next steps.


Once you have been assigned an Atlas specialist, we will review and develop a plan designed to achieve your goals. To begin with, we will assess your current cumulative GPA, science GPA, and MCAT scores and define your areas of strength and weakness. We will show what areas are needed for repair and how to put your best foot forward through the medical school application process.

Essay Editing

Our team of skilled writers will assist you in telling your story. The admissions process is more than just what your experiences’s how you express them. Your unique story and what brought you to this career path is vital to the application essay process. We want to help you define why you want to become a physician and how you will be an asset to the institutions you are applying to. Let us market your application in the most efficient way.

AMCAS Editing

Our physicians and tutors are experts in all areas of the AMCAS application. We will help you through the application details and make sure your experience sections are ideally executed. Your experiences in their entirety, are important to your overall application. This is a place for you to show the admissions committee who you are outside of your biographical information.

Secondary editing

Secondary application sections add color to your application and are critical to showing how you can contribute as a future medical student and beyond. We understand how time consuming your secondary essays can be and we will be there to guide you throughout the writing process.

Strategic planning

The Atlas team will assist you in advancing your school selection and identifying which institution will build a strong foundation for your future career path.

Interview prep

You have one foot in the door, now it is time to prepare for the next step: the interview. We will prepare you for what it takes to conquer your medical school interview. From common interview questions, to defining who you are as a student, it is our goal to help you follow through to the final step in your process of becoming a medical student.


CASPer is not the friendliest of ghosts. We know it can be frightening to take an exam based on random scenarios. How will you know what to do and when? Most students assume that preparation is not necessary. We are here to tell you it is . We will walk you through different practice questions and answers to help you overcome the fear of situational based questions.


We are experts in MCAT preparation. We will provide you with powerful tools to help you succeed. Our MCAT strategy is the blueprint to success. Our team will assist you through each subject as you prepare to take the next step towards your medical career.